Robyn’s paint aims to produce the technology of not just today’s, but tomorrow’s, with a higher quality rate and variety of products each year.

Since 2007, the Robyn’s brand has produced Thermal, Wood, Ocean, Antimicrobial, Isolation products and special Robyn’s paints.
Robyn’s paints have been produced under Derin Paint Factory since 2007 with a UK license.

Derin Paints and Shipping Ind.Trade.Co.Ltd was founded in 2001 by several experts of the paint industry who have been engaged in the manufacturing of paints since 1974.

Derin Paints has been producing both marine and industrial paints since 2001, and has been holding its standard of human quality and environmental awareness ever since.

Products manufactured by Derin Paints are not only sold in its wide range of local buyers, but they also have buyers in many different international countries.