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IZ- 540 Anti Root

Green Terraces

It is specifically designed for the structures and foundations under
the soil with modified bitumen, single component water based material. It is a ready-for -use
elastic water isolation material which provides resistance against the roots of the plants.


  • Elastomeric structure (1000%) and does not crack under temperature differences and surface movements.

Vertical and horizontal surfaces at the exterior spaces, subsoil.

  • Parks, gardens, roofs terraces, prior to plantation and forestation,
  • Isolation of the balconies and flower beds,
  • Water isolation of the ground floors of the buildings such as foundations, vaults and cellars or the basement garages
  • Protection of the retaining and curtain walls,
  • Isolation of the galleries, drainage and water channels against water and humidity,
  • It has resistance against the plant roots, prevents punctures by the plants ,
  • Adheres on surfaces of any type in an excellent manner
  • Provides water isolation with no seam or joint
  • It has strength against positive water pressure

Application ;

It is applied on the concrete surfaces as IZ-512 Silicon Lac 1 coat.

Th-513 Galvanized Metal Sealer should be applied on the metal surfaces 1 coat.

Do not use in the potable water depot and pools!

Consumption : 1,500 – 2,000 L/m2 for 2 coats.

Dry-Time (20 ºC) : Anti dust 3 hours

Contact Time : 8 hours

Through-Dry-Time : 72 hours

Please protect from rain, freeze, frost and rime for at least 36 hours after application.