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S-1568 BINDER Primer

Interior & Exterior Transparent Primer

Pure acrylic based transparent primer.
When applied to old and new surfaces such as plaster, gross concrate, brick and
chipboard etc. it prevents absortion by saturating the surface.
If used as an under-coat on old water based painted surfaces internally and externally
it maintains the fitting; ensures the water based paint on which it will be applied is


  • White color before application, after drying, it takes on a transparent, bright appearance.
  • Binder Primer is a necessary undercoating material for acrylic based paints.
  • Water resistant and highly capable of adhesion to the surface.
  • Never cracks and pours out.
  • Its vapor diffusion (breathing) is high.
  • Water resistant and reduces the use of topcoat paints.

Consumption (L/mÇ) : 1 L = 7 – 10 mÇ / 1 US Gallon= 80 -110 ftÇ

(for 2 coats)