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SK-865 Biological Solution

Stops Mold

It is a cleaning biological solution against organic formations formed in Interior and Exterior walls.

It is a solution preparing an appropriate surface to paint by providing cleaning and protection of the painted in advance or unpainted surfaces with its characteristics penetrating rapidly and deeply. Water-based and environment-friendly.


Interior and exterior walls mineral based surface should be wiped with a dry fabric after cleaning with a wethard wire brush. It is applied at least for 2 times by a brush or a roll certainly without reducing with the surface Sk-865.

Never use by spraying.

Robyn’s Nano Coat and afterwards Thermal Interior Wall Paint are recommended to prevent organic formations by completely dryness of the surface.

Drying Period (20°C): Waiting period between the layers are for 2 hours.

Complete Drying : 12 hours

Consumption0,200 kg/  m² to type and absorbency of the surface.