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4H-511 / Clear Lak

Painted–Metal–Plactic Surfaces

It is a biological solution contains silver and zinc ions


  • Interior, Exterior painted or none painted walls,.
  • Plastic and metal surface.
  • It is not a paint, clear solution, penetrating rapidly and deeply.
  • It is water-based and environment-friendly.

Application : Interior and exterior walls mineral based surface should be wiped with a dry fabric after cleaning with a wet hard wire brush. It is applied at least for 2-3 times by a brush or a roll certainly without reducing with the surface 4H-511.

Never use by spraying. Can be apply directly to metal and plastic surface .

Drying Period (20°C): Waiting period between the layers is 2 hours.

Complete Drying : 12 hours

Consumption: 0,150 L/m2 for one coat