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IZ-521 Concrete – Capillary

Crystallized Positive – Negative Insulation

The chemical substances in its content react with the moist and free lime in the concrete and penetrate into the concrete thoroughly. Thus the concrete is apt to strength against both positive and negative hydrostatic pressure.


  • All concrete applications for which crystallized capillary water permeability is sought.
  • Water tanks, foundations and baffle walls
  • Tunnels and subways, channels, reservoirs, pools and pre-cast elements
  • Perpetually active all through the curing period and every time it contacts with water and fills the capillary voids within the concrete with nano dimensioned crystals which are not soluble to provide continuous permeability.
  • Not toxic. It can be used within the water tanks.
  • The water vapour is permeable and provides breathing of concrete.
  • Provides protection of the reinforcement bars within the concrete against corrosion and enhances its strength against compression and freeze-dissolution.


The surface should be cleared of the anti adhesion materials such as

dusts, grease, bitumen, tar, paint, silicone, curing material, detergent and form oil.

Preparation of the mix : Water is mixed in a clean cup. The dry mix is added into the

liquid mix and mixed in the manner not to give way to any aggregation preferably

through a low-speed drill. The grout ratio of which is specified in consumption section

is added into the water or spread over the surface. Mix or shake prior to use.

Consumption: It is added into the concrete at a rate of 2-3 % of the weight of the

cement within the concrete.

Apply or spread over each layer 1,000 L/m2

Dry-Time (20 ºC): Waiting Time Between Layers : 6-8 hours

Through-Dry-Time : 7 days

Shelf Life: 1 year at room temperature