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IZ-520 Concrete Latex

Water Impermeability and Elasticity

It is the grout additive material with synthetic rubber base.
It adds water permeability onto the concrete and screed.


  • Fields of Application /Characteristics :
  • Repair of concrete and plaster – Screeds on the floor and the coatings below the screed
  • Concrete for foundations, curtains and pools to provide water permeability
  • Prevents reinforcement corrosion.
  • Enhances the adhesion performance of the concrete, prevents surface stress and cracks
  • It provides elasticity
  • It redounds excellent water permeability and increases the wear resistance of the concrete.
  • Provides chemical resistance and enhances alkali resistance


The surface should be cleared of the anti adhesion materials such as

dusts, grease, bitumen, tar, paint, silicone, curing material, detergent and form oil.

Preparation of the mix: Water is mixed in a clean cup. The dry mix is added into the

liquid mix and mixed in the manner not to give way to any aggregation preferably

through a low-speed drill. The grout ratio of which is specified in consumption section is

added into the water or spread over the surface.

  • It is prepared for use with Portland cement (CEM I) and cement in which aluminium oxide is included and cement with strength against sulphate. It should not be used with excessive amount of lime and air -entraining additives .
  • When used to increase the adherence of the previous and new concrete, IZ-520 and the cement mix are applied onto the surface with the use of a brush in order to make the application available. Mix or shake before use.
  • When making application by plaster or screed, the IZ-520 mix and cement mi previously applied on the surface should not be dried fully. Mix or shake before use.

Dry-Time (20 ºC): Contact Time : 6-8 hours Through-Dry-Time : 7 days

Consumption/ By Volume:

Water isolation / Elasticity : -520 / Water: 1/3 – 1/4 Cement / Sand : 1/3

Fine screed / Repair Grouts : IZ-520 /