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RO-530 / Epoxy Light Filler


Epoxy resin based, solvent free tixotropic light filler.
It is a two component, general purpose which is used in all kinds of sea vehicles
(Wood, Steel, Polyesters) works.

  • Does not add weight on the boat. Density less than water (d=0.65 ±2 gr/cm3)
  • Easily sandpapered.
  • Applied to the underwater and water level parts of the boat.
  • Can be applied in one coat thickness of 1-2 cm.
  • Used in solving of osmosis problems in GRP boats.
  • It forms a solid surface to apply Undercoat, Antifouling and Final Layer paints.
  • Does not shrink or draw after drying. It may be applied 1-2 cm at one coat.


Remove dust, oil and dirt from the surface. Apply at least 1 coat Epoxy Primer.

The components A (Filler) and B (Hardener) are mixed volumetrically in 1/1 ratio, until the color turns out to be red.

It is applied through a steel trowel. May not be applied in places where temperature is less than +10 degrees and humidity is over 70%. Thinner is used for cleaning .

Drying Time ( 20°C) : Pot life is 1 hour under 20 C°. Minimum drying period before sanding is 24 hours. Second layer application requires 12-24 hours and full drying requires 24 hours. Chemical resistance comes after 7 days.

Flaming Point : 200 ° C

Shelf Life : 2 years at room temperature.

Mixing Color : Red