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TH-810 / Thermal Epoxy Metal Primer

2k Solvent Based Undercoat


  • TH-810 has a good impact and abrasion resistance properties. It has also
    very good adhesion to St3 prepared steel substrates coated with an
    anticorrosive epoxy coating and compatible with most aged coatings.

* TH-810 is used to reduce the heat gain and/or loss of metal objects such as metal containers, cabinets, storage tanks, boilers, extruders, metal pipes etc.

** It can be used alone where the gloss or colour is not a major importance. If exposed to sunlight for long terms like 3-5 years, some gloss reduction occurs which does not significantly reduce the thermal insulation property of coating.

If these are the important properties beside of thermal insulation, it is recommended to be over coated with DERİN TH-825 Acrylic PU Top coat.