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TH-520 Exterior Coating / Textured

Prefered for the best ınsulation

It is a water-based silicon modified acrylic resin coating for exterior surface.
New generation Heat Insulating Material systems.
Saving between 30-50% is provided according to the structures of the buildings with this system developed by NASA.


  • These products have the best insulation value in the world.
  • Breathing exterior coating with heat insulation additives.
  • Used for heat insulation in interior and exterior sides.
  • Excellent anti-condensation property, due to heat differences and prevents mold and humidity formation
  • Silicone modified product is water repellent and it is resistant to any atmospheric conditions for 4 seasons. Its life is much higher according to most standard paints.
  • Applied as a high-build coating with a very special textured appearance.
  • Long-life nano technological structure.
  • Elastomeric (400%) structure, it seals hair cracks on the surface. It protects its elasticity between -30 C and +80 C.
  • Matte appearance.
  • High resistance to sun rays (UV) and it does not cause discoloration.
  • It is not poured out, swollen and cracked by being peeled.
  • Water-based and environmental-friendly. It is odorless.
  • Approved by energy identity document.

  • It may comfortably be applied on any plaster, exposed concrete, cement plate, wooden and metal surfaces after suitable primer.
  • On surfaces, for which external wall heat insulation is desired.
  • Prefabricated buildings
  • In buildings, schools and business centers of 21m and over as per fire regulations.



The surface should be cleaned from dust and dirt. It should be applied after appropriate surface primer

before applying on old and new structures.

It is diluted by 3% water in volume before application and in hot weather.

TH-515 Primer is primarily recommended in raw or dusting surface.

Thermal Nano Coat should be applied at least for 1 layer before application in order to increase the Thermal

performance in old and new structures.

Afterwards Thermal Texture is thoroughly mixed and applied for 1-2 coats with rolls.

Caution ! Never mix with fast circuit drill.

Drying Period (20°C): Full drying time is 36 hours. Protect from frost and rainfall during this period.

Second coat may be applied 6 hours later

Consumption: Approximately 1,000 L/m2

Solvent /Cleaning: With water

Colors : Robyns catalogue 45 colors.