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Th-525 Exterior Paint / Silicone modified

WATER and HEAT insulation

It is a water-based silicon modified acrylic resin paint for
exterior surface.
New generation Heat Insulating Material systems.
Saving between 30-50% is provided according to the structures of the buildings with
this system developed by NASA.


  • Flat exterior paint with heat insulation additives.
  • Used for heat insulation in exterior walls.
  • Breathing due to heat differences and prevents mold and humidity formation
  • Good anti-condensation property.
  • Silicone modified product is water repellent and it is resistant to any atmospheric conditions for 4 seasons. Its life is much higher according to most standard paints.
  • Long-life nano technological structure.
  • Matt appearance.
  • High resistance to sun rays (UV).
  • It is not poured out, swollen and cracked by being peeled.
  • Water-based and environmental-friendly. It is odorless.
  • Approved by energy identity document.

  • It may comfortably be applied on any plaster, exposed concrete, ytong, cement plate, wooden and metal surfaces after suitable primer.
  • On surfaces, for which external wall heat insulation is desired.
  • Prefabricated buildings
  • In buildings, schools and working places of 21 m and over as per fire regulations.


Application :

The surface should be cleaned from dust and dirt. It should be applied after appropriate surface primer

before applying on old and new structures.

It is ready to use . However, it is diluted by 3% water in volume to apply in hot weather.

TH-515 Primer is primarily recommended in raw or dusting floor.

Thermal Nano Coat should be applied at least for 1 layer before application in order to increase the Thermal yield in old

and new structures. Afterwards Thermal Paint is thoroughly mixed and applied for 2 layers with rolls.

Caution ! Never mix with fast circuit drill.

Drying Period (20°C): Full drying time is 36 hours. Protect from frost and rainfall during this period.

Second layer may be applied 6 hours later.

Consumption : Approximately 0,400 L/m2 for 2 coats.

Solvent /Cleaning: With water.

Colors : Robyns catalogue 45 colors.