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RW-135 Exterior Varnish / Aqua

Exterior Wall Transparent Varnish – Semi-Matte

It is a semi-matte varnish based on water-based resin.
Silicone modified product is used in any kind of inner and exterior wooden works.
It is the last layer varnish affecting that the wood is prevented to be fallen into ruins by various external impacts.
It gives a colorful, rich image adhering to the natural characteristics of the wood and it does not ruin naturality.


  • Water repellent, it is resistant to any atmospheric conditions for 4 seasons.
  • Protects wood against wearing external factors (fungi, mold, bacteria, sun rays) by means of its nano technological structure.
  • It inhales to the wood and gives out humidity within wood.
  • Does not ruin texture of wood and it is transparent.
  • High resistance to sun rays (UV).
  • Does not swollen and cracked by being peeled.
  • Water-based and environmental-friendly. It is odorless.
  • Ready-to-use, it does not require thinning.

• All exterior wall woods
• Door and window woodworking
• Wooden wall coatings, Roof hoods
• Garden fences
• Balcony guardrails and Pergolas
• Do not use on the floor!

Application : Ground temperature should be at least 10°C, environment should be at
least 5°C. It is applied by brush. It is ready-to-use, it does not require thinning.
Humidity rate should be 80% at the most. It should be thoroughly mixed before using.
Drying Period (20°C): 3 hours. Second coat may be applied 15 hours later.
Consumption: 3 – 5 m² / L in two coats according to the surface condition.
Solvent /Cleaning: Water.