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IZ- 525 Extra Roof Insulation

Polyurethane Elastomeric Membrane

It is the single component, water based polyurethane,
silicone modified roof insulation material. It can easily be applied on plaster, exposed
concrete, asbestos, cement slab, metal and wooden surfaces. If desired, it can also be
used in order to obtain surface hardness as double-component with the addition of


  • High level of UV resistance.
  • Elastomeric structure (200%) and does not crack under temperature differences,surface movements and fills the capillary cracks.

It is used in the horizontal and vertical application in the indoor and outdoor spaces.

  • At places such as foundation – retaining walls and basement insulation which are subject to movement, vibration and slight settlement.
  • For the insulation of terraces, balconies and roofs,
  • For insulation of water tanks and flower beds.


The surfaces should be cleaned off dust and dirt.

Silicone Lac should be applied as 1 coat by at least 100% thinning before the application in the old and new buildings.

Then 2 coats of Extra Insulation is applied without thinning. Each coat applied is applied maximum within 48 hours following the application of the previous coat.

Each coat should be applied or sprayed in one direction.

The final coat should be applied perpendicular to the brush, roller or spraying direction applied during the previous coat. When it dries, it forms a seamless insulation layer, elastic like linoleum.

For metal surface; Th-513 Galvanize-Metal Sealer should be applied before insulation.

For the best result: It is recommended to use plaster net between the coats against impacts and abrasion on the surfaces with heavy traffic. Moreover; it is applied as at

least 1-3mm by addition of 10-15% white cement for impact resistance on frequently used surfaces .

Dry-Time (20°C): Touch Dry :3-5 hours Full Dry : 24 hours

Please protect from rain, freeze, frost and rime for at least 36 hours after application.

Consumption: 1,200 – 1,350 L/m2 for 2 coats

Shelf Life: 2 years at room temperature.

Color: White-Light Grey – Blue – Tile Red – Green