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RW- 183 Fire Stop Solution / Aqua

Fire Retardant Solution

Boron based, water-based fire retardant solution. It ceases
contact of wood with oxygen and prevents flaming and flashing.
It protects as anti-fungal (against insects and fungi) as well as bringing A-class
incombustibility to wood.


  • Odorless and colorless.
  • Non-toxic, it is a natural product and sensitive to human and environment.
  • Does not pass toxic gas during fire and it removes the risk of intoxication from smoke.
  • Application of paints or varnishes desired afterwards is easily made on wooden products, on which RW-183 is applied

  • Used in Osb, Mdf, Plywood, Chipboard, Pinewood, Beech, Fir, Spruce, Ash Tree,
  • Rose, Teakwood, Oak,
  • Mapple and all tree types.
  • Used in non-combustible doors, log cabin, Wooden buildings-boats, hotel and garden materials.

Application : Ready-to-use, it does not require thinning. It is applied by submersion
or roll. The applications should be at least 2 layers. Waiting period is 4-6 hours
between the coats.
Natural woods may be waited in pools or impregnated system may be applied.
Submersion and impregnated times change according to wood types.
Consumption: 6 – 7 m² / L in two coats according to the surface condition.
Submersion; 15 L/ 1m3
Solvent /Cleaning: Water.