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SK- 873 Fire Stop Solution


It is a boron-based water-based fire retardant solution.

  • It is a boron-based water-based fire retardant solution.
  • It ceases the contact of wood with oxygen, itprevents burning and flaming.
  • It is antifungal (protect against the insects and fungi) as well as that it adds class A non-flammability feature to the wood.
  • Desired paints or varnish applications may comfortably be made later on the wooden surfaces,
  • on which Sk-873 is It is odorless, colorless.
  • Non-toxic, a natural product and sensitive to human and environment.
  • Does not pass toxic gas during fire and it abolishes intoxication risk from smoke.

It is used in Osb, Mdf, Plywood, Chipboard, Pine Wood, Fagus, Fir Tree, Spruce Tree, Ash Tree, Rose,Teak Wood, Oak, Maple Tree and all tree types.

Used in non-inflammable door, log house, Wooden building, hotels and gardens materials.

Applied to bring non-flammability to many industrial products such as fabric, wool except for wooden sector.


It is ready for use, no reducing is required.

It is used by dipping or roll. The applications should be at least 2 layers. Waiting period between the layers are for 4-6 hours. It may be applied to natural woods by making them wait in the pools or impregnated system. Dipping and impregnate periods change according to wooden types.

Consumption: 0,200 kg/ m²  (2 layers)

Shelf Life: 6 months at room temperature.

Color: Transparent after drying