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IZ- 538 Flex Guard

Wet Surface Insulation

It is a water-based acrylic , silicone modified sanded insulation material.


  • Elastomeric structure (200%) and does not crack under temperature differences,surface movements and fills the capillary cracks.

It may be applied to flush mounted, exposed concrete, cement plate and wooden surfaces in Balcony-Terrace Bathroom and Kitchens


Surfaces must be cleansed from dust and dirt. Before it is applied in old and new buildings, Silicone Lac must be applied as 1 coat by thinning 100% at least. Later 2 coats IZ-538 are applied without thinning.

Each coat must be applied in one single direction or must be sprayed. The last one coat must be applied in vertical direction to the direction of brush, roll or spray during the application of the previous coat.

Dry-Time (20°C): Touch drying: 3-5 hours.

Complete drying : 24 hours.

Please protect from rain, freeze, frost and rime for at least 36 hours after application.

Consumption: 1,250-1,350 L/m2 for 2 coats Shelf Life: 2 years at room temperature

Color : Tile Red