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RO- 055 / Fresh Water Antifouling


It has hard resin combination developed
with a special formulation. Dissolution occurs with matrix synthetic resin

  • Does not contain copper oxide. It is developed for preventing heavy metal pollution in internal waters of Europe.
  • Used in Nile River and Victoria lake in Africa.
  • Elastic structure. It is used in the inner and outer parts of underwater sections of GRP, wooden and metal boats.
  • It works against many marine species and it is strengthened by nano technological biocidal products.
  • Recommended for boats up to 35 knots.


Recommended use; after appling Silver Primer , 2-3 coats (150 micrones for each coat) of

RP-055 should be applied.

Drying Period (20°C): 8-12 hours.

Storage Life: 2 years in room temperature.