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Th-513 Galvanized – Metal Sealer


It is a protective primer material based waterbased Acrylic-Polyurethane.


  • It provides adhesion of metal, galvanized and aluminum surfaces of water-based top coat paint and coatings.
  • It is effective on rust.

  • Increases adhesion on metal surfaces of water-based products, provides long-lived applications.
  • Before application of Thermal products on Metal Surfaces.
  • If the surface has corrosion, use primer before th-513 Galvaniz –Metal Sealer

Application :

It is ready for use. However; it is diluted by 5% water in volume at the most, when needed.

Drying Period (20°C): Full drying time is 12 hours.

Consumption : Approximately 0,150 L/m2 for single coats

Solvent /Cleaning: With water.

Colors: Pink