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RW-158 Metal Varnish


It is solvent based. It is water repellent, it is resistant
against shocks, chemical substances.

  • Reduces contamination, it does not get dark or yellow.
  • Its UV resistance is high.

  • Colorless metal varnish for any copper, brass, aluminum, silver, chrome and ironsurfaces.
  • Prevents and delays rusting by means of anti-corrosive additives within it.
  • Boat Fans

Application : Applied by brush, spray guns or submersion. Thinned by synthetic
thinner/ White Spirit at the rate of 15% for spray gun and submersion applications.
Clean new surfaces with synthetic thinners. Surface heat should at least be 8°C in
order to prevent fluid condensation and concentration.
Drying Period (20°C): Touching is 15 minutes later, second coat application is
60 minutes later.
Consumption: 13-15 m² / L in single layer according to the surface condition.
Solvent /Cleaning: White Spirit.