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Th-510 Nano Coat – Primer

Prefered for the best Insulation

It is an insulation primer based on water-based modified acrylic resin.


  • Special primer materials with heat insulation additives used before coatings to be applied in exterior and Interior walls.
  • Especially to be used in places, where heat insulation is prefered.
  • Increased heat insulation performance of top coat and anti-condensation property by nano technology.
  • It prevents dusting of the surface and it prepares a durable surface for paint.

  • It may comfortably be applied on any plaster, exposed concrete, cement plate, wooden and metal surfaces after suitable primer.
  • On surfaces, for which exterior and interior wall heat insulation is desired.
  • Prefabricated buildings

Application Diluted by 5% water in volume and stir well before use.

Drying Period (20°C): Full drying time is 8 hours.

Protect from frost and rainfall during this period.

Consumption: Approximately 0,150 L/m2 for single coats.

Solvent /Cleaning: With water.

Colors: White