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IZ- 547 Poly-Bitumen

2k- Water Based

Two component water based bitumen, modified by polyurethane
and silicone. Can easily be applied on plaster, exposed concrete, asbestos, cement surfaces.
Resistant against positive water pressure.


  • Elastomeric structure (1000%) and does not crack under temperature differences, surface movements and fills the capillary cracks
  • High level of UV resistance.

It is used in the horizontal and vertical applications in the indoor and outdoor

spaces, at locations such as foundations, retaining walls and basements where movement,

vibration and slight settlement is possible, in the insulation of terraces, balconies and roofs and

in the insulation of manholes, concrete pipes, flower beds.


The surfaces should be cleaned off dust and dirt.

  • Silicone Lac should be applied as 1 coat by at least 100% thinning before the application in the old and new buildings.

After mixing Base and Polymer component, should be applied. Recoating time is 48 hours.

Drying Time (20°C): Touch Dry :3-5 hours

Full Dry : 24 hours

Protect from rain, frost and dew at least for 8 hours following the mechanical application. It acquires mechanical resistance after 3 days. İt becomes waterproof after 7 days. The final resistance is acquired after 14 days. Shelf Life: 12 months at room temperature.

Consumption: 1,000 – 1,500 L/m2 for 2 coats

Color: Black