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TH-825 / Thermal Acrylic Polyurethane Top Coat

2k Solvent Based

TH-825 Heat Insulating Acrylic PU Topcoat has a very strong impact, abrasion, ultraviolet and weather resistance properties beside of having the best heat insulating coating technology. It has also very good adhesion to St3 prepared steel substrates coated with.


* TH-825 is used to reduce the heat gain and/or loss of metal objects such as metal containers, cabinets, storage tanks, same plastics and GRP surface, boilers, extruders, metal pipes, metal military objects and etc. The heat insulating performance difference of this coating can vary between 1°C to 10 °C due to the weather or medium temperature faced. An other particular advantage of this coating system is its extremely high anti-condensation property which increase the coating durability performance by reducing water surface condensation which increase of solar power of sun by magnification.
** Best Thermal efficiency use TH 815 Epoxy Coating as a undercoat