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RW-150 Polyurethane Vanish- 2k

Double Compound Varnish

It is a double compound varnish based in polyurethane. It
is high performance and has wide usage areas on many grounds.


  • Resistant against high abrasion, shocks, chemical substances, salty water and UV.
  • Highly resistant to four seasons of atmospheric conditions.
  • Highly bright and UV resistance.
  • High friction force and it prevents contamination of the surface and easily washed and wiped.
  • No brush-mark is left, excellent levelling /spreading.
  • Transparent, hard and resistant surface.

  • It is used on any woods, concrete grounds, car parking lots, sports centers, surfaces
  • with slight traffic.
  • Sports centers, any solid and laminated parquets.
  • Outdoor concrete, walking, cycling paths, car parking lots.
  • Outdoor decks and similar wooden grounds.
  • Stone grounds.
  • Boat decks. Pool sides, Garden grounds
  • Not to be used on Ceramics and Tiles!

Application : It is applied with brushes or guns. It is ready-to-use, it does not require
thinning. It is thinned by polyurethane thinner at the rate of 5% for spray gun and
submersion applications. Clean new surfaces with synthetic thinners before
application. Surface heat should at least be 8°C in order to prevent fluid
condensation and concentration.
Drying Period (20°C): Touching is 15 minutes later, second coat application is 60
minutes later.
Consumption: 6 -8 m² / L in single layer according to the surface condition.
Solvent /Cleaning: Polyurethane Thinner / PA-50.