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RW-195 Premium White / Aqua

White Paint – Semi-Matte

It is water-based, 1k polyurethane last layer white paint.
Silicone modified product is used in any kind of inner and exterior wooden works.


  • Water repellent, it is resistant to any atmospheric conditions for 4 seasons.
  • It inhales and gives out humidity within wood.
  • It is covering, it gives surface colored, rich image.
  • Long-life against exterior weather conditions.
  • High resistance to sun rays (UV).
  • Water-based and environmental-friendly. It is odorless.
  • Does not discolored, peel, poured out, swollen and cracked.
  • Ready for use.

  • Applied in wood and metal surfaces on inner and exterior walls.
  • Door and window woodworking, balcony bars
  • Wooden Wall coatings, Roof hoods Garden fences
  • Balcony guardrails and Pergolas
  • Do not used on the floor!

Application : Applied on surfaces cleaned from grease, dirt and dust.
Thinned by 3% water in roll applications. It is recommended to be applied at least
for two layers.
Intermediate shades are obtained by using water-based coloring pigments although
it is only produced in white.
Drying Period (20°C): The first drying, in 6 hours the paint becomes anti-dust and
normal drying is achieved in 36 hours.
Consumption: 4-6 m² / L in single coat according to the surface condition.
Solvent /Cleaning: Water.
Color : White.