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IZ- 570 Pu Clear Coat

2k- Polyurethane Transparent Insulation

Two component, polyurethane based, insulation material with
solvent. It is colorless, transparent. High friction power. Used on walked or industrial floors.
Fast drying. Low consistency. Resistant against positive water pressure.


  • Fast drying. Low consistency. Resistant against positive water pressure.
  • Extra level of UV resistance. It does not fade.
  • Highly resistant against atmospheric conditions and chemicals. Dirt- resistant, easily cleaned.

It is used in horizontal and vertical applications in the indoor and outdoor,

wood, metal, marble and ceramic surfaces.

  • Insulation of marble and ceramic surfaces ; terraces, balconies and roofs.
  • Aqua centers, pools and warehouses .
  • As final coat for protection of the epoxy floors from sun.


The surfaces should be cleaned off dust and dirt. The main material is mixed with the

hardener at the ratio of 3:1 (in weight). On absorbent surfaces, it should be thinned by 20% of

PA-50 thinner before the application and should be applied as 1 coat primer or impregnation.

Afterwards, IZ-570 is applied as 2-3 coats without thinning. Thick application should be avoided.

When dried, it forms a hard, seamless insulation layer.

The mixture should be used within 60 minutes. Recoating time is 8 hours at +20ÅãC.

Drying Time (20°C): Touch

Dry :3-5 hours Full Dry : 12 hours Mechanical resistance: At least4 days following the application.

Shelf Life: 12 months at room temperature.

Consumption: For two coats, about 0,250 -0,300 L/m2

Color: Transparent