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TH-550 Roof

WATER & HEAT Insulation

Water-based elastomeric polyurethane resin coating.


  • 50% heat saving in hot weathers when sun rays are vertical.
  • Silicone modified product is water repellent, it is resistant to any atmospheric conditions for 4 seasons.
  • Long-life nano technological structure
  • Elastomeric structure, it has elasticity of 400-600%.
  • Creates an elastic, jointless insulation when it gets dried.
  • Protects elasticity between -30 C and +80 C.
  • Excellent anti-condensation property, due to heat differences and prevents mold and humidity formation.
  • Matte appearance.
  • High resistance to sun rays (UV).
  • It does not crack or peel.
  • Water-based and environmental-friendly. It is odorless.

  • It may comfortably be applied on any plaster, exposed concrete,brick, cement plate, wooden and metal surface after suitable primer.
  • Terrace Roofs
  • For water and heat insulation purposes for use under tiles.
  • Metal, Galvanized, Steel Factory roofs and cantilevers.
  • Prefabricated buildings
  • Shingling and bitumen based roofs.

Application :

The surface should be cleaned from dust and dirt.

Firstly appropriate surface primer should be used before application

on old and new structures.

2 layers of Th-550 Roof is used without being thinned after lining.

Each layer should be applied and sprayed in single direction.

The latest layer should be applied in vertical direction to brush,

roll or spraying direction during application of previous layer.

Drying Period (20°C): Full drying time is 72 hours.

Protect from frost and rainfall during this period.

Second coat may be applied 15 hours later.

Consumption : Approximately for 2 layers 0,900 L/m2 – 1,250 L/m2 with fiber net applications.

Solvent /Cleaning: With water.

Colors : White, Grey, Oxide Red – Green – Blue