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IZ- 512 Silicone Lak

Single-component, polyurethane based, silicone added waterbased elastic insulation material.

It penetrates into the concrete, prevents the water to leak
through the capillary scratches on the surface.


  • It is transparent and does not change the appearance of the surface.
  • High level of UV and alkali resistant. Prevents chalking. It is applied on all types of painted, unpainted surfaces in addition to the raw concrete and plastered surfaces. It has water repellent properties.
  • It should be applied to the whole surface, not locally, in order to achieve the best results.

  • On all the concrete and plastered surfaces that require waterproofing in the foundations and roofs.
  • Wooden and brick surfaces. On dried and fresh food storages.
  • Painted and unpainted surfaces of the north and side facades which have an insulation problem.
  • In insulation of the parts of the buildings that are below the soil. It is used as primer in the
  • water tanks, cisterns prior to the insulation materials. It is not applied on ceramic or similar surfaces.


  • All the dirt, oil on the surfaces should be cleaned.
  • Raw exposed concrete and plastered surfaces; Should be thinned by 100% by water and applied 2-3 coats .

Painted surfaces : Should be thinned by 50% water and applied 2 coats.

Impregnation Primer before paint; Should be thinned by 100% by water and applied 1 coat .

Recoating time is 6-8hours. It should be applied between temperatures +8 CÅã to +40 CÅã.

Dry-Time(20°C): Touch Dry :3-5 hours Full Dry : 24 hours

Please protect from rain, frost and dew for at least 36 hours.

Consumption: 0,150 L/m2. for 2 coats. Shelf Life: 2 years at room temperature.

Color: Transparent after drying.