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R0-017 / SPC Antifouling


Acrylic resin based, comprising high copper
oxide and contains extra new generation biocides.
SPC Antifouling is strengthened with various new generation nano
technological resin system. Contains high level copper oxide.

  • Recommended for mega yachts and ships.
  • It is effective against all kinds of shell sea organisms, mussels and mosses forming on the parts of polyester, metal and wooden boats.
  • Demonstrates high performance in less used yachts from cold water in northern seas to hot waters of the Mediterranean, to Indian and Pacific Oceans in many seas.
  • Tin-free as it is environmental friendly.
  • Recommended for boats up to 35 knots.


Recommended use; 1 thick coat in seasonal usage and 3 coats for a couple of seasons (150 microne for each layer) after Silver Primer.

Drying Period (20°C): 8-12 hours.

Storage Life: 2 years in room temperature.