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RP- 050 / Speed Antifouling


Robyn’s Ocean RP-050 is a special type of hard synthetic
matrix resin based, and is reinforced by various new generation resins.

  • Produced for speed boats (35 – 50 knots), it is an environmental long lasting antifouling, friendly final layer paint.
  • Tin-free as it is environmental friendly.
  • Protects against many marine species and is strengthened by nano technological biocidal products.


Recommended use;120 microne film 1 coat and 3 coats for seasonal usage after Silver Primer . It should be applied at least 2 coats by providing 120 microne film thickness for each coat. Increase coat number for longer usages.

Drying Period (20°C): 8-12 hours.

Storage Life: 2 years in room temperature.