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SK-830 Sports Paint


It is a water-based floor paint made of special type acrylic resin with very high abrasion and impact resistance.

* Grainy structure, it does not slip during use.

* Water-based and sensitive to humans and the environment. It is odorless.

* Resistant to atmospheric conditions in all four seasons.

* UV resistance is high, it does not fade and chalk.

* Covering, it gives the surface a colorful and rich appearance.

* It is applied after primer on all kinds of concrete and asphalt surfaces.

* Tennis courts, basketball courts, all outdoor sports ground.

* Bicycle and walking paths.

* School gardens and playgrounds.


The floor should not be damp and dusty. Robyn’s Binder Primer should be applied in 1 layer on absorbent, old or new surfaces to be painted. It is recommended to use concrete-facade repair mortar in repairing cracks.

Sports Floor Paint applied with a roller is thinned with 5% water by weight and applied at least 2 layers. Recoating after 4-6 hours .   It can be used after 36 hours.

Consumption: Depending on the surface, 1 L = 3,75 – 4,65 m²   /   1 US Galon = 40-50 ft²

Shelf Life: 16 months at room temperature.

Color: Green, Red, Blue ,Grey.

Attention! Since the surface to be applied is horizontal, care should be taken that rain, dew and frost do not fall on the ground for at least 36 hours (+ 20 C).