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RW-140 Yacht Varnish – Silicone

Yacht Varnish – Silicone Modified – Extra UV

It is an extra varnish, which is single-component silicone
modified polyurethane resin. It is used in any inner and exterior wooden works.
Mechanic resistance is given to wood by nano technology against being drawn.


  • Salty water resistance is brought by silicone additives.
  • Water repellent, it is resistant to any atmospheric conditions for 4 seasons.
  • Extra Bright, extra UV
  • Lead-free.
  • Does not get yellow. It does not get discolored, peeled and cracked.
  • No brush-mark is left, excellent spreading.
  • Ready for use.

  • Specifically recommended for houses and boats in tropical regions, where sun rays are vertical. Its UV resistance is high.
  • All exterior wall woods
  • Door and window woodworking
  • Wooden Wall coatings, Roof hoods
  • Garden fences
  • Balcony guardrails and Pergolas
  • Boat decks.
  • Pool sides, Garden grounds

Application : Ground temperature should be at least 10°C, environment should be at
least 5°C. It is ready for use for brush and roll applications.
When needed, it is thinned with White Spirit for 5% in hot weathers and gun
Humidity rate should be 80% at the most. It should be thoroughly mixed before using.
Drying Period (20°C): 5 Hours. Second coat may be applied 16 hours later.
Consumption: 12-15 m² / L in single coat according to the surface condition.
Solvent /Cleaning: White Spirit.
Colors : 12 color options are available.